What We Are ?

A hearty welcome to The Heritage School. It is indeed a pleasure to lead an infant institution like The Heritage School, which has created a name for itself providing holistic and quality schooling. A dynamic and progressive school system is characterized by the extent and magnitude of the care it takes of its pupils and thereby of their future. Every child is genetically a genius. The task of education is to awake the child to his genius. The school should provide the stage for research and discovery, thought and insight, analysis and synthesis, exploration and creation. The Heritage School leaves no stone unturned to meet manifold needs of children — such as intellectual, emotional, spiritual and disciplinary_ The school provides a stimulating environment to let the young ones flower and develop the qualities of character, integrity and social responsibilities. The entire staff of The Heritage School is aware that it is at this stage the child begins to develop as an individual, and important adjustments begin to take place in the child’s personality as a social and intellectual being. The simultaneous development of sensor—motor skills require in us, to act as a facilitator, a friend and guide, foster parent, and collaborator at the same time.

We seek active co-operation and involvement from the parents so that our efforts to strive scholastic excellence may reach fruition. We are fully equipped to meet the challenges for which the new world order calls forth. We pledge continuously to produce well balanced capable individuals and leaders of tomorrow who can blaze a new trial and make a qualitative difference to this contemporary world.

Resources & Facilities

– Burden Free Education for Pre Primary School
– Efficient & Experienced Teaching Staff
– Computer Education, Smart Class
– Creating English Atmosphere
– Library Facility for Improving Reference Reading
– Exclusive Labs for English & Science
– Special Classes for Music & Dance
– 30 Student in Each Class for keen observation
– Ample Space for Indoor & outdoor Games
– Splash Pool, Dining Room
– Colourful Classroom, Beautiful Doll House
– Art & Craft workshop, Modern Teaching Aids
– Complete AC Classrooms
– Modern Future Ready ERP Solution
– Mobile App

Our Vision

To prepair dynamic and caring citizen of tommrow to meet challenges of global society while retaining traditional values.

Our Mission

To develop The Heritage School into a vibrant and an exemplary educational institution where students are nurtured and encouraged to achieve their ultimate potential.